Personal Data Protection

We have an expert team in the enforcement of law regarding personal data protection.

Our team is capable of advising on the design and implementation of policies for the correct treatment of personal data bases and the adoption of security measures to reduce the risk in the handling of personal data bases.


Peruvian legislation guarantees the right to personal data protection. Any entity that generates, requests and maintains a personal data base (either of its employees, clients or providers), is obliged to register said data base in the General Head Office of Transparency, Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and to comply with the current regulations regarding its correct processing.


The adequate processing of personal data has become an obligation for companies and its non-compliance can be fined. It is important to correctly manage the risk level inherent in this obligation and to be always on the alert for legislative changes in this matter.


We offer the following services:


  • Registration of personal data bases.
  • Audit of personal data base management.
  • Implementation of policies of adequate processing of personal data bases and compliance programs.
  • Advising on the adoption of security measures of data bases and leaking prevention.

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